Cardahi Investholding S.A.L.

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Jbeil - Lebanon

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Director's Message

Jean Louis Cardahi


The main objective while managing and developing the family businesses was to create added value and wealth for the family members. The family, and due to the complexity of doing business today, set up a number of companies in various countries which undertook various and different missions.

Our commitment to the success of all our companies has no limits. Doing business with us is never impersonal. We reflect our family's spirit in our business: we care equally about each entity and individual working with us being a staff member or a partner same as we care about each and every family member. Ethics, common values, honesty and transparency are the mottos that drive our relationship with all parties.

Today, our objective is to maintain focus on our core business which is diversified geographically but consolidated financially and integrate all our decisions within a global strategy to achieve our goals. We aim to remain independent and competitive, despite being a midsized group, providing our staff a professional environment to excel in, and our shareholders a sure and promising value.



Louis Cardahi graduated in 1952 as civil engineer in Beirut and started working in the construction industry since.

After graduating in industrial refrigeration and heating from Paris in 1955 he founded his first company “Société Louis Cardahi et Frères” in 1959 which laid the ground for all other related companies incorporated and owned by the family.


Being a family business, the companies are integrated in terms of management and benefit from their mutual experience and global exposure. We are currently present and operate in several countries: Lebanon, Qatar, France, Switzerland etc… and have solid networks and partners in various other countries such as Turkey, Spain, U.A.E., Bahrain and the United Kingdom, to note some.